Keg-Meter is the most accurate digital draft beer monitoring system designed for home use.
Ensure you never run out of beer during the party, game, or on Sundays.
The digital Keg-Meter measures the amount of beer poured and continuously displays the number of beers left in your CO2 pressurized keg. Pour as much as you want. The Keg-Meter products keep track of every ounce poured. The display indicates the amount of beer remaining in your keg!

KegVision wireless system mounts inside of your kegerator with easy installation that couples directly into your existing keg connections. No calibration required. Plug it in and go. The KegVision app keeps you updated of your beer status.
You wouldn’t drive a car without a gas gauge, and beer is more important!

  • Features

    *Wireless Keg Monitor
    *Smartphone App
    *Simple quick installation
    *No Calibration Required
    *Temperature and Pressure Display

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    "KegVision will revolutionize kegerators

    Full offering of beer keg monitors for your kegerator!!


    "So easy to install the KegVision!

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